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There is a major difference between infrared and traditional saunas. You may notice that when you first start, it can take 10-20 minutes to break a sweat. But, as your body becomes more accustomed to raising your core temperature on a regular basis, your sweat will become more excessive and start sooner in your session.

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Every client will fill out the online waiver form as part of the booking process. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can check you in and show you to your private sauna shower suite. 

  • Hydrate! Get in a few glasses of water prior to your session.

  • Dress to your comfort level - bring a bathing suit or whatever is comfortable for you. Your session will be in a private suite.

  • Bring headphones if you would like audio during your session.

  • Turn off or silence your phone.

  • Consider taking a shower with soap before your session if you have any oils, lotions, fragrances or makeup on as they inhibit the skin’s ability to release toxins through sweat. Our suites come fully equipped with makeup remover, shampoo, conditioner, body and face wash, and a towel service.

  • Start your timer! 


Sessions are 60 minutes long, however, we recommend no longer than 40 minutes in the sauna. The sauna has been preheated to 140°F, however, you can adjust the sauna from 120-165°F.


Please listen to your body. If you need a break at any time, step out to refill your water or open the door to let some air in. You can customize your experience with a chromotherapy color of your choice, connect to wifi to listen to music or a meditation or podcast, and set your temperature.

Then just sit back and relax!

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Take a few minutes to cool down. Enjoy the fan and feel free to cool your body down and refresh with the cold towel (provided upon request at check-in).

  • We recommend giving yourself a few minutes to enjoy your private Vitamin-C infused shower with all the amenities provided for you. Voesh Vitamin-C filters remove residual chlorine and other impurities to hydrate your skin and condition your hair. Vegan probiotics strengthen and regenerate the skin barrier, while oatmeal powder softens and soothes for healthy, glowing skin. 

  • Get ready in the dressing area where we provide Dyson hot styling tools and almost every other amenity you may need.

  • Continue to hydrate! We have a water filling station along with a selection of beverages for purchase at the front desk.

  • Don’t sweat the clean up! Leave your towels in your suite and we’ll take care of them.

Relax in our community area and be sure to check out our retail area before signing out.

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